Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 4

Hello er body's 

We were in Chicago and in wilmette is were Home Alone was made we could have driven by the house but we were going the opposite way.  And someday I'm going to go to Woodstock cause that's were Groundhog Day was made.  There is a ton of movies made here.  We were driving to Chicago and we missed a turn and got re routed and the gps took us on an abandoned highway it was sweet! There was weeds growing everywhere and no one on the road at all it was completely empty and off the side of the road there was huge train stations and abandoned buildings and it looked just like the movie behind enemy lines when it's just him and the bad guy and all the bombs go off and stuff, it was pretty cool.  
I got my bag back on Wednesday I'm really happy cause I had a whole bunch of candy in it from when you sent me that box at the MTC.  So I've been munchin all day er day.  
We went to Chicago 3 times this week.

We go to this place called zels it's a fast food place and they make chocolate banana shakes and we go and get one of those every now and then cause they are sooo good it reminds me of when dad makes them.  

We had a ward chilli cook off and that was our dinner for the night.  Everyone bringing their own chilli and everyone trying them out and eating them all so that made me really happy I get to eat chilli and only chilli all night :(!!!!!......... And I was a judge so I had to eat all of them!! Hahaha but it wasn't that bad I only had to take one bite out of all of them and I was able to miss most of the beans haha lol 2k14.  And there was a lot of cakes and dessert too. But I actually liked one  except for the beans and it ended up being the winner.  And it also ended up being chili from Wendy's but with some hot peppers in it haha.  There is the bishop and some other guy but they make the hottest ones there but the other guy Bro. Kelly is like 70 years old and he makes his stuff way hotter then the bishops, I dipped my spoon halfway and ate that an it made my eyes water and i was choking on it a little bit.  it was cray cray.  i guess there is a pepper that is hotter than the ghost pepper i think its the scorpion pepper and its the hottest one in the world and thats what he used.

connie the mission mom's son James is 14 years old and we go to their house all the time like once each night just to say goodnight pretty much cause they live right next to us.  and he has been wrestling all the missionaries that have been here and my companion was a wrestler and he was wrestling him and of coarse he kicks butt, so i guess last night was my turn and  i totally dominated!! jk but it really wasn't that hard it was fun.  

there is this other kid who is a hardcore gamer and he wants me to teach him front flips today but he is uncoordinated and chubby so i have some doubts but that will be fun cause i want to do some flips really bad I've only done 4 backflips the whole time I've been gone.  

my friend colton clark the one we saw at mr mac, just left for Lansing Michigan now he is just a couple hours away.  i have just about lost my six pack!! i am getting fat!!! so I've done some ab stuff and i hope it works cause thats getting me mad.  

I have not per chased anything with my home card except for something that was 30$ and a couple 50 cent ice cream cones that's it.  

Yeah I would like grandpas coat it's cooling down a tad bit over hear but it's not cold yet so we have time

I am feeling great 
My companion is cool I just figured out that he is a professional shooter for Remington. that's funny with Toby I used to duck down with him too and then run and he would chase me
Liz is a member she is pretty funny the ward is probably half the size or 2/3 of our ward
Man I bet calli was excited haha 
I haven't been homesick at all I miss some things sometimes but that's it
I got some pictures too 
We saw the baseball field and the abandond highway and some ghetto places and a monster corvette

Check out this dank bike I drew

Ightskees thanks mom we are going to be out of wifi for a tad bit but you can still send stuff cause I like it a lot.  I luh ya 

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