Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 5

Hey peeps this week tyler bell sent me a package and its a really cool pen with my name engraved on it and he sent with it a nice letter too!!  

so tuesday we were in our apartment planning some stuff and i was getting tired of sitting so i stood up on the bench press we have and on the ceiling pretty close to the bench we have a fan and it was turned on full blast and i didn't notice it cause i was telling a story or something, but i didn't notice it was inches from my head and i leaned just a little too much and BAM!! the stupid fan got in my way and smacked the side of my head.  now i have a goose egg luckily its not bad enough to make me look like Humpty Dumpty but you can definitely feel it and its pretty sore.  so thats my funny story for this week.  
I gave another blessing this time to the wheelchair lady she was just stressed,  i guess im getting more comfertable giving them but they only last for like 1 minute.

i want to go for a ride really really bad.  i want to take a delivery too.  Elder rodgers calls me steeze now.  haha 

at this part of the email it is friday morning and we got a huge like 30 lb chunk of turkey and rodgers is frying it up while im typing this and doing some bench presses.  

elder rodgers had roller blades and we roller bladed to someones house and back.  then we got home and took apart his blades to clean the bearings, i wish i could have my longboard but for some reason thats against mission rules.  longboards are way funner than roller blades.  

there is this guy and we go do service for him a lot.  We helped his daughter move for 8 hours.  And she gave us a million cups a full set of China, a new grill and a tool box. when we werer at his daughters house just barely we were cleaning out her basement and she had a bunch of wine and i smelled chocolate alcohol and it smells like paint thinner its nasty!

now its saturday morning and i dagum done a 3 minute ab workout cause I'm watching my figure.  dont judge 2k14.  lol
i don't know if i told you this but a while ago we had a water balloon fight in our apartment and the floor was soaked. 
We were really hungry Saturday cause all we had was breakfast so at 10:00 at night we were coming home from a stake conference thing and we stopped at White Castle and got 20 hamburgers and 4 fries.  But we could only eat 7 each so we gave the rest to someone else. And we had the little boxes that the sliders came in all over the car it was trashy but we cleaned it up.
 we still dont have bikes but hopefully we will get them this week and they are mountain bikes and the guy said they look like 2-300 $ bikes for only $35 so thats cool but they are still not as cool as mine haha.  i saw that on facebook kash getting a hole in one i wish i saw it. 

we saw elder hamula from the 70 he talked to us last week and i shook his hand.
Today we get to go to the dunes for a zone activity I'm really excited 

Okay piece and blessings

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