Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 8

October 13, 2014

Hahahahahaha kash says the funniest of all stuffs that come forth from his yapper!!
Yes the go pro cases are both waterproof but check the back part that opens.  in the box on my head board there are other back plates to it.  and if they have holes that you can stick your finger through than obviously its not waterproof but im pretty sure i just left waterproof ones on the case.  and the case that is doesn't have the gopro in it  has a scratch right in the middle of the lens so you might not want to use that one its still good it just makes the image blurry.  and you can use the lcd backpack thing, the screen that fits on the camera, too cause it makes it easier and its boss.  you can have my gopro i probably will want to buy a new one when i get home but if i don't than i get to use it when ever i want. haah.  

And I ate all my candies and saved the banana ones for last and there was one of your hairs in it!! 

I got a letter from you I think from a long time ago it had the recipes in it.  the envelope itself says august 24th ha, but yeah i guess it got lost in the mail or something.

have you gotten my letters yet?  i sent a couple.  and tell dad i have one for him but i haven't sent it yet but i wrote it like a week ago i just haven't gotten envelopes so it will be kindof out dated.

weekly spirits = i had my first baptism out here.He at first didn't want even his grandparents to be there but he gave in after a while.  he is pretty shy and pretty much just stays up stairs playing video games but he walks to Dairy Queen and other places sometimes. He is 17 he has a little bit of asburgers I think so he is a little extra special. .   but he is really funny.  and it was good there was just 6 missionaries, his parents and grandparents and the mission pres and his wife and thats it.  me and rodgers got to fill up the font and set it up.  when he got confirmed he didn't do it in sacrament meeting either cause he doesn't like lots of people.

yesterday we had 4 investigators come to church and one bore her testimony and she didnt know what she was doing it was good.  and we got the paralyzed lady in the wheelchair to church also.  twas good. 

 the mission got to watch meet the mormons a week before it came out,  it was really good everyone cried when we watched it and there was like 30 of us even elder rodgers cried!! i didn't even come close to crying but it was really good though you should watch it.  im not as fat as i was last week it feels so good to not be fat ha.  i rode my bike up a dirt pile it was fun.  and i dagum done sweet wheelies.  i was gonna challenge a dude on his dirt bike to a wheelie contest but we couldn't catch him haha.  
we got pumpkin cider witch is way better than apple you should gettcha some of that.  
we grilled hamburgers with our awesome little grill,  i got a helicopter.  we went to a house and they had rc cars!! but they weren't working so i couldn't drive them.  
we took pics on the railroad it was fun.  

In the other pic From left to right
Elder potter, James Flaherty, elder Richardson, Connie Flaherty , rodgers and me.

We are making bread today and it's pretty good stuff but not as good as yours of course. Yeah me and rodgers got a recipe from a member and we just made it in our appartment.

We went to the Dumas's for dinner and she loaded us up (Kelly Dumas) with a bunch of food and gave us each $10 even though missionaries aren't supposed to take money.  They are really nice Kelly remindes me of you a lot.  But yeah It was a good p day. 
Right meow we are gonna get ready for bed I mean a nerf dart war.  Wellskees I love my hood rats.  Synwbfh.  See you next week bros from home.  !!!
Ight piece and balessings

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