Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 10

Hola sorry i didn't email till now we woke up to a phone call (weekly spirits) and went to give a blessing in a hospital cause the guy in the hospital is in our ward and it just so happens that he is a member of the seventy!!  And it just so happens that I gave him the blessing but it was really cool he told us some cool stuff.  He told us some stories about the preisthood and he said when I am giving the blessing and if I get stuck just press a little harder on my head so it will signal me cause we all three have the preisthood.  That's what he said I guess he would start praying or something but it was cool he had really strong faith. And then we went and put together a couple sheds for a lady and then drove rc cars for a bit then came here. 

Hahahahahaha happy birthday I'm glad you got a nail gun! That's a nice one haaha and picture of your hurr lol out loud!! WOOP WOOP!!! Austin that's cool.  Yeah I would like Austin's email that would be really fun!  Haha I'm excited to see all the pictures from the Halloween party.  Uh we were gonna dress up like you guys but we couldn't. I saw the pics of the laundry room it looks dank licouse I'm excited to see what the stairs are gonna look like too. 

Most likely I won't be transferred for like 5 months in the past every missionary has been here in Hebron for 7 1/2 months so I'll be here for a while and I'm new too.   

The pics
It got foggy in the morning one day.
We went to Chicago for a new missionary training meeting and on the way home I tried to shoot a couple shnazy pics but they didn't really workout.
I have a scary movie we made for Halloween I'll have to send it in sections tho cause it's longer than 60 seconds but it's sweet.  

Man looks fun!! Austin leaving and the stairs look most dope haha you won't like that.

Okay I'll send the movie real quick we have to go back to our appartment we are at the church right now but good night sleep tight and stuffs jack! I emailed skyler and he is doing good just the first while he didn't like but man things are changing already Brock has another track I guess, and the house is all perdy okay nightskees!!!  Love ya this big (____________________________) 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 9

October 20, 2014

oh man thank you for fixing my card prolem!!  i knew something was up since day one ha jk #killintheflow #2k14.
weekly spirits : we had 4 investigators come to church 2 sundays ago, yesterday we only had 1 but thats still really good.  and we gave a priesthood blessing everyday this week we had one a day.  we did a little more trackting and contacting than usual and it was pretty fun one lady was really happy that we stopped by she told a member in our ward about it and then the member called us and said how happy she was.  

people are so funny sometimes, we went to the grocery store and we were putting our stuff on the belt and a couple walks up behind us and the wife says " no they are mormons" and then they walk over to the next line haha.  what a bunch of Maynard's that happened   a couple times this week.  guess what there is a store called Maynard's!!.

we had a good workout this morning it felt really good i want to do it every morning cause i weighed myself and i have gained 10 lbs of fat i think i told you that already too but fo real.  peaple are starting to look at me funny haha jk polo.

i sent a letter to sheylee and dad this morning cause they both sent me one it was nice.  also uncle roy sent me a letter with 4 little glass bottles of cologne "to get rid of the missionary stink" So nice! it looks like he might have made them himself but idk they smell good.  

usually i write a little bit of this letter during my free time everyday but this week i didnt and nothing huge happend anyway but it was a really good week. and so this letter is a little short.  
 i like trackting its pretty fun im glad we dont do a whole lot of it though cause its not very effective but i enjoy it

 by the way i done got me some shades jack 

haha oh kade e poop!! thats nice hey i got a little somtin somtin for kade i need to get a little box and send it. Man i wish i could have studied with grandpa like austin that would be really helpfull.  thats cool he leaves soon.  oh yeah before i forget we have 3 out of 4 railroads for the mcdonalds monopoly game and if we get the last one then we win $5,000 at target haah.  
anyway i like coach T tell him hi sometime!

 ahh man for halloween we get to do nuttin we have to be in our apartment at 7 instead of 9:30 we cant dress up at all.  we will make it as fun as possible but we cant do anything.
yeah im tired of wearing suits especially the coat part of them.  i thought on pday we could be in normal clothes all day but we cant we still have to wear a shirt and tie.  i guess i am used to it but i don't really like it.  (i just got your email)

In case I forget I'll wish you happy birthday right now. Happy birthday.  I haven't heard from skyler in a few weeks maybe I'll message him.  I like that part of my calling to its good, thank you.  Hahaha a nail gun? Wood? Tool belt???  Doesn't dad already have al of those things? Haha but I know mom wants one all to her self ha that's funny okay. Bubwye!
we will talk to ya next week!!
I liked the video too gu night!! Fresh chillins I love ya too

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 8

October 13, 2014

Hahahahahaha kash says the funniest of all stuffs that come forth from his yapper!!
Yes the go pro cases are both waterproof but check the back part that opens.  in the box on my head board there are other back plates to it.  and if they have holes that you can stick your finger through than obviously its not waterproof but im pretty sure i just left waterproof ones on the case.  and the case that is doesn't have the gopro in it  has a scratch right in the middle of the lens so you might not want to use that one its still good it just makes the image blurry.  and you can use the lcd backpack thing, the screen that fits on the camera, too cause it makes it easier and its boss.  you can have my gopro i probably will want to buy a new one when i get home but if i don't than i get to use it when ever i want. haah.  

And I ate all my candies and saved the banana ones for last and there was one of your hairs in it!! 

I got a letter from you I think from a long time ago it had the recipes in it.  the envelope itself says august 24th ha, but yeah i guess it got lost in the mail or something.

have you gotten my letters yet?  i sent a couple.  and tell dad i have one for him but i haven't sent it yet but i wrote it like a week ago i just haven't gotten envelopes so it will be kindof out dated.

weekly spirits = i had my first baptism out here.He at first didn't want even his grandparents to be there but he gave in after a while.  he is pretty shy and pretty much just stays up stairs playing video games but he walks to Dairy Queen and other places sometimes. He is 17 he has a little bit of asburgers I think so he is a little extra special. .   but he is really funny.  and it was good there was just 6 missionaries, his parents and grandparents and the mission pres and his wife and thats it.  me and rodgers got to fill up the font and set it up.  when he got confirmed he didn't do it in sacrament meeting either cause he doesn't like lots of people.

yesterday we had 4 investigators come to church and one bore her testimony and she didnt know what she was doing it was good.  and we got the paralyzed lady in the wheelchair to church also.  twas good. 

 the mission got to watch meet the mormons a week before it came out,  it was really good everyone cried when we watched it and there was like 30 of us even elder rodgers cried!! i didn't even come close to crying but it was really good though you should watch it.  im not as fat as i was last week it feels so good to not be fat ha.  i rode my bike up a dirt pile it was fun.  and i dagum done sweet wheelies.  i was gonna challenge a dude on his dirt bike to a wheelie contest but we couldn't catch him haha.  
we got pumpkin cider witch is way better than apple you should gettcha some of that.  
we grilled hamburgers with our awesome little grill,  i got a helicopter.  we went to a house and they had rc cars!! but they weren't working so i couldn't drive them.  
we took pics on the railroad it was fun.  

In the other pic From left to right
Elder potter, James Flaherty, elder Richardson, Connie Flaherty , rodgers and me.

We are making bread today and it's pretty good stuff but not as good as yours of course. Yeah me and rodgers got a recipe from a member and we just made it in our appartment.

We went to the Dumas's for dinner and she loaded us up (Kelly Dumas) with a bunch of food and gave us each $10 even though missionaries aren't supposed to take money.  They are really nice Kelly remindes me of you a lot.  But yeah It was a good p day. 
Right meow we are gonna get ready for bed I mean a nerf dart war.  Wellskees I love my hood rats.  Synwbfh.  See you next week bros from home.  !!!
Ight piece and balessings

Week 7

I am doing great we went to a antique store that was hump gas hahaha auto correct “humongous” I got a really cool lighter. Yes I have gospel library.
that was funny i got the pics you sent! i like looking at pics from back home.  the pic you found on google earth is awesome.   try pushing that button that makes it look 3d like you are actually on the road, i think the little yellow person is the button im thinking of.  
i just wondered about my bike i miss it 600.  tell dad and kash they can ride it but keep it as good as it is and if they break it they buy it and fix it and don't sell it!!! haha.   

Astacia is a recent convert of about 6 months the dad Scott is super funny and races dirt cars they are really nice and we go over there all the time. I heard Stacy sent you a message on FB that's cool.  if there is a second home it would be over there cause they are boss.  We actually watched conference there. I got the conference package too thank you for that.  And my conference question got answered but I missed elder bednar and pres. monson's last talks Sunday apperently they were the best two. I'll see them sometime 

OM GOSH!! Burger King raised their cones to 68 cents!!! i think cause we are the only ones that go there 

We do service for a guy and we were fixing his backhoe and he had me take apart the hydrolic pump under it but  he started it up and I got hydrolic fluid on my whole arm and got sprayed by diesel shooting out of the exhaust. 
One night we were going to the church and it was dark and this guy was stuck in the driveway and we helped him and once he was done fixing his truck in the parking lot he came inside and was very thankfull and he had ear rings and tats and I gave him a card and he said that he wanted to come to church. 

We also skinned a dear.  Me and rodgers were driving down a road and saw this dear that got hit by a car and Rodgers wanted to take the antlers but a member took it to his house and called us up and we pretty much just watched him process it.  he gave us the antlers, rodgers is gonna make whistles out of his and i am gonna make a knife out of mine. they are small only like 6-8 inches long its gonna be sweet.  
We are on exchanges right now Saturday, and this time I stayed so I'm in charge for the day so it's a little different.  I got dad's letter tell him thanks for me I was laughing at his picture he drew haha it was funny. 
i think thats enough writing am i writing enough? haha 

Week 6

**I mentioned this in our ward missionary mom's report on Sunday, but thought I'd share this interesting story with the rest of you.  A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting, and felt very impressed to share something that one of the HIgh Councilmen taught in our ward, with Sam.  I scribbled my thoughts on paper, and came home and wrote it up in an email.  Added a fitting scripture with it, and went to send it, but it wouldn't send. Tried it again, wouldn't send.   I had already sent the family email with no problem. In fact, I sent another email after with some pictures to see if that would work and it did just fine.   But for some reason, this one kept saying "permanent failure."  I tried many times, copying and pasting it into a new window, etc.  Didn't work.  Finally I tried copying it and pasting it in a gmail account that I only use when purchasing online.  STILL WOULDN'T SEND!!  There was no reason that it should not have sent.  It made absolutely no sense.  The only thing I could think of was that Satan didn't want Sam to get this little thought for some reason that I felt so impressed to share with him, either for himself or for someone he is teaching.  So I was ever determined to make sure he got it!  After SO MUCH EFFORT I found that I could forward it from my gmail, back to my original email, and then forward it on to Sam.  Finally.  I believe that Satan is so aware of our missionaries and the work they are doing!!!

Letter Home

Sorry about last week we didn't get home till really late.  But I really liked that Joseph smith message you sent I know exactly who to share it with thank you.  I thought that was also really cool how it wouldn't send either, not really but you know what I mean.  

Last Monday at the beach it wasn't really dunes it was just a beach with sand but we played ultimate frisbee, soccer and me and rodgers brought our grill and everyone had hot dogs and hamburgers and we just ate and chilled for a while it was fun.   Today is Tuesday and right now at 10:00 skyler is probably on the plane or just landed in California that's kind of weird

Oh yeah and I forgot to ask about my card but that letter you sent explained it.  I'm glad, that would be bad, to lose that money, I'd be broke honey.  
Sheylee's video still doesn't work it's on YouTube maybe if she posts it on FB then I could see it or email or somethin.  But it's still on YouTube just posted on Facebook.  

I opened the box you sent Tuesday night and it was awesome thank you 400.  Next time Connie wants you to send something for her haha.  The cookies are selfish and everything else is too.  I'm gonna leave the selfish part in haha that's funny, dang auto correct .  It was delish.  You sent me that missionary commission thing and the very next morning rodgers is a district leader and he wanted me to talk on the power and authority of our calling in district meeting and that fit perfect.  I also used the poem about the champion you sent in a lesson last night and I know exactly who to share the river pebble story with.  So thanks for those.  
I'm getting fat there is a gym right across the street but it's probably a little expensive.  

I just remembered I'll send a tour of my apartment like how you do when on vacation.  Haha when I made the vid it was after personal study and rodgers was still doin stuff so I was quiet.  If you want I'll make one how you do with more talking hhaa.    
I went to dinner with one of the members and his wife went to sky view and I was like "how neat is that! that's pretty neat" 

friday we went on my first exchange it was pretty much just a normal day with a different companion but still fun.  We get bikes today!  we is excited I kind of all ready know they are gonna be no where near as good as mine.  Ok  Our bikes are crap walmarters we got them and mine is like calli's size but it was a deal for $35 I hope haha.  Rodgers is real happy with them he thinks they are awesome nice bikes ha   But ohh man!!!!! We took our bikes into our appartment and fixed them up as much as we could, it was fun to get dirty hands, and then this morning we took them for a ride and it was sweet. some reason i can wheelie mine soo good! mine is the white and blue one.   But they need some work and it will be fun.  We also got transfers today but me and e rod are staying so that's good Hebron is supposed to be the best area.  
.Man those stories of the other missionaries are awesome.  I've emailed styler a couple of times.  Haha I like the one about Cherokee that is soo funny.

“Hey hey hey this be elda rodgers your sons comp. he's a stellar missionary.  Anyway he works really hard and the spirit is really strong and he is a really good teacher and he loves the gospel. I hope to hang with him after my mission.”

Week 5

Hey peeps this week tyler bell sent me a package and its a really cool pen with my name engraved on it and he sent with it a nice letter too!!  

so tuesday we were in our apartment planning some stuff and i was getting tired of sitting so i stood up on the bench press we have and on the ceiling pretty close to the bench we have a fan and it was turned on full blast and i didn't notice it cause i was telling a story or something, but i didn't notice it was inches from my head and i leaned just a little too much and BAM!! the stupid fan got in my way and smacked the side of my head.  now i have a goose egg luckily its not bad enough to make me look like Humpty Dumpty but you can definitely feel it and its pretty sore.  so thats my funny story for this week.  
I gave another blessing this time to the wheelchair lady she was just stressed,  i guess im getting more comfertable giving them but they only last for like 1 minute.

i want to go for a ride really really bad.  i want to take a delivery too.  Elder rodgers calls me steeze now.  haha 

at this part of the email it is friday morning and we got a huge like 30 lb chunk of turkey and rodgers is frying it up while im typing this and doing some bench presses.  

elder rodgers had roller blades and we roller bladed to someones house and back.  then we got home and took apart his blades to clean the bearings, i wish i could have my longboard but for some reason thats against mission rules.  longboards are way funner than roller blades.  

there is this guy and we go do service for him a lot.  We helped his daughter move for 8 hours.  And she gave us a million cups a full set of China, a new grill and a tool box. when we werer at his daughters house just barely we were cleaning out her basement and she had a bunch of wine and i smelled chocolate alcohol and it smells like paint thinner its nasty!

now its saturday morning and i dagum done a 3 minute ab workout cause I'm watching my figure.  dont judge 2k14.  lol
i don't know if i told you this but a while ago we had a water balloon fight in our apartment and the floor was soaked. 
We were really hungry Saturday cause all we had was breakfast so at 10:00 at night we were coming home from a stake conference thing and we stopped at White Castle and got 20 hamburgers and 4 fries.  But we could only eat 7 each so we gave the rest to someone else. And we had the little boxes that the sliders came in all over the car it was trashy but we cleaned it up.
 we still dont have bikes but hopefully we will get them this week and they are mountain bikes and the guy said they look like 2-300 $ bikes for only $35 so thats cool but they are still not as cool as mine haha.  i saw that on facebook kash getting a hole in one i wish i saw it. 

we saw elder hamula from the 70 he talked to us last week and i shook his hand.
Today we get to go to the dunes for a zone activity I'm really excited 

Okay piece and blessings

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 4

Hello er body's 

We were in Chicago and in wilmette is were Home Alone was made we could have driven by the house but we were going the opposite way.  And someday I'm going to go to Woodstock cause that's were Groundhog Day was made.  There is a ton of movies made here.  We were driving to Chicago and we missed a turn and got re routed and the gps took us on an abandoned highway it was sweet! There was weeds growing everywhere and no one on the road at all it was completely empty and off the side of the road there was huge train stations and abandoned buildings and it looked just like the movie behind enemy lines when it's just him and the bad guy and all the bombs go off and stuff, it was pretty cool.  
I got my bag back on Wednesday I'm really happy cause I had a whole bunch of candy in it from when you sent me that box at the MTC.  So I've been munchin all day er day.  
We went to Chicago 3 times this week.

We go to this place called zels it's a fast food place and they make chocolate banana shakes and we go and get one of those every now and then cause they are sooo good it reminds me of when dad makes them.  

We had a ward chilli cook off and that was our dinner for the night.  Everyone bringing their own chilli and everyone trying them out and eating them all so that made me really happy I get to eat chilli and only chilli all night :(!!!!!......... And I was a judge so I had to eat all of them!! Hahaha but it wasn't that bad I only had to take one bite out of all of them and I was able to miss most of the beans haha lol 2k14.  And there was a lot of cakes and dessert too. But I actually liked one  except for the beans and it ended up being the winner.  And it also ended up being chili from Wendy's but with some hot peppers in it haha.  There is the bishop and some other guy but they make the hottest ones there but the other guy Bro. Kelly is like 70 years old and he makes his stuff way hotter then the bishops, I dipped my spoon halfway and ate that an it made my eyes water and i was choking on it a little bit.  it was cray cray.  i guess there is a pepper that is hotter than the ghost pepper i think its the scorpion pepper and its the hottest one in the world and thats what he used.

connie the mission mom's son James is 14 years old and we go to their house all the time like once each night just to say goodnight pretty much cause they live right next to us.  and he has been wrestling all the missionaries that have been here and my companion was a wrestler and he was wrestling him and of coarse he kicks butt, so i guess last night was my turn and  i totally dominated!! jk but it really wasn't that hard it was fun.  

there is this other kid who is a hardcore gamer and he wants me to teach him front flips today but he is uncoordinated and chubby so i have some doubts but that will be fun cause i want to do some flips really bad I've only done 4 backflips the whole time I've been gone.  

my friend colton clark the one we saw at mr mac, just left for Lansing Michigan now he is just a couple hours away.  i have just about lost my six pack!! i am getting fat!!! so I've done some ab stuff and i hope it works cause thats getting me mad.  

I have not per chased anything with my home card except for something that was 30$ and a couple 50 cent ice cream cones that's it.  

Yeah I would like grandpas coat it's cooling down a tad bit over hear but it's not cold yet so we have time

I am feeling great 
My companion is cool I just figured out that he is a professional shooter for Remington. that's funny with Toby I used to duck down with him too and then run and he would chase me
Liz is a member she is pretty funny the ward is probably half the size or 2/3 of our ward
Man I bet calli was excited haha 
I haven't been homesick at all I miss some things sometimes but that's it
I got some pictures too 
We saw the baseball field and the abandond highway and some ghetto places and a monster corvette

Check out this dank bike I drew

Ightskees thanks mom we are going to be out of wifi for a tad bit but you can still send stuff cause I like it a lot.  I luh ya