Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 6

**I mentioned this in our ward missionary mom's report on Sunday, but thought I'd share this interesting story with the rest of you.  A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting, and felt very impressed to share something that one of the HIgh Councilmen taught in our ward, with Sam.  I scribbled my thoughts on paper, and came home and wrote it up in an email.  Added a fitting scripture with it, and went to send it, but it wouldn't send. Tried it again, wouldn't send.   I had already sent the family email with no problem. In fact, I sent another email after with some pictures to see if that would work and it did just fine.   But for some reason, this one kept saying "permanent failure."  I tried many times, copying and pasting it into a new window, etc.  Didn't work.  Finally I tried copying it and pasting it in a gmail account that I only use when purchasing online.  STILL WOULDN'T SEND!!  There was no reason that it should not have sent.  It made absolutely no sense.  The only thing I could think of was that Satan didn't want Sam to get this little thought for some reason that I felt so impressed to share with him, either for himself or for someone he is teaching.  So I was ever determined to make sure he got it!  After SO MUCH EFFORT I found that I could forward it from my gmail, back to my original email, and then forward it on to Sam.  Finally.  I believe that Satan is so aware of our missionaries and the work they are doing!!!

Letter Home

Sorry about last week we didn't get home till really late.  But I really liked that Joseph smith message you sent I know exactly who to share it with thank you.  I thought that was also really cool how it wouldn't send either, not really but you know what I mean.  

Last Monday at the beach it wasn't really dunes it was just a beach with sand but we played ultimate frisbee, soccer and me and rodgers brought our grill and everyone had hot dogs and hamburgers and we just ate and chilled for a while it was fun.   Today is Tuesday and right now at 10:00 skyler is probably on the plane or just landed in California that's kind of weird

Oh yeah and I forgot to ask about my card but that letter you sent explained it.  I'm glad, that would be bad, to lose that money, I'd be broke honey.  
Sheylee's video still doesn't work it's on YouTube maybe if she posts it on FB then I could see it or email or somethin.  But it's still on YouTube just posted on Facebook.  

I opened the box you sent Tuesday night and it was awesome thank you 400.  Next time Connie wants you to send something for her haha.  The cookies are selfish and everything else is too.  I'm gonna leave the selfish part in haha that's funny, dang auto correct .  It was delish.  You sent me that missionary commission thing and the very next morning rodgers is a district leader and he wanted me to talk on the power and authority of our calling in district meeting and that fit perfect.  I also used the poem about the champion you sent in a lesson last night and I know exactly who to share the river pebble story with.  So thanks for those.  
I'm getting fat there is a gym right across the street but it's probably a little expensive.  

I just remembered I'll send a tour of my apartment like how you do when on vacation.  Haha when I made the vid it was after personal study and rodgers was still doin stuff so I was quiet.  If you want I'll make one how you do with more talking hhaa.    
I went to dinner with one of the members and his wife went to sky view and I was like "how neat is that! that's pretty neat" 

friday we went on my first exchange it was pretty much just a normal day with a different companion but still fun.  We get bikes today!  we is excited I kind of all ready know they are gonna be no where near as good as mine.  Ok  Our bikes are crap walmarters we got them and mine is like calli's size but it was a deal for $35 I hope haha.  Rodgers is real happy with them he thinks they are awesome nice bikes ha   But ohh man!!!!! We took our bikes into our appartment and fixed them up as much as we could, it was fun to get dirty hands, and then this morning we took them for a ride and it was sweet. some reason i can wheelie mine soo good! mine is the white and blue one.   But they need some work and it will be fun.  We also got transfers today but me and e rod are staying so that's good Hebron is supposed to be the best area.  
.Man those stories of the other missionaries are awesome.  I've emailed styler a couple of times.  Haha I like the one about Cherokee that is soo funny.

“Hey hey hey this be elda rodgers your sons comp. he's a stellar missionary.  Anyway he works really hard and the spirit is really strong and he is a really good teacher and he loves the gospel. I hope to hang with him after my mission.”

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