Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Week

Hello errbody that is so funny that the animals got inside of the house! Today is Monday it's my p day.  The airplane ride was sweet it was a smaller one only two seats on each side of the isle but we got on and took off they didn't have that crabapple lime stuff so I got pretzels and ginger ale.  The flight was like 3 hours long it. Was pretty fun. But we woke up monday morning at 2:30 cause my roommates were going to New York and they had to leave early so I sat around for an hour and got ready then we left.
The tour of the city wasn't really a tour we just rode the " blue line" to the bean and then walked overt to see some water fountains and then rode the " redline" back and the whole time we were passing out Books of Mormon it was actually quite easy.  Then we went to the mission home and ate deep pizza it wasn't as deep as I thought maybe cause it was homemade but it was still good then we slept downstairs and woke up and had breakfast and then walked to the stake center and got our iPads and companions and then rode out to our areas.  Elder Rodgers is from Washington state he grew up on a dairy farm he's pretty cool every night he gets a 50 cent cone at burger king so we do that now.   I haven't gotten anything from you yet and I left my shoulder bag back at the stake enter with my scrips, pmg, and candy in it.  If you send stuff to the mission office than Rodgers says that I won't get it for a week or two but if you send it to sis egolf or the mission mom Connie flairhety than it will  only take a couple of days and if it goes to the mission office than I have to wait 2 weeks so I can drive over to get it during a meeting we have I guess they don't ship it out to me.  

 It is hot and humid it's not as hot as I thought but the humidity is a killer I don't like feeling sticky and wet all day but we have a Chevy cruise brand new and it has great ac.  They buy new cars and then once they get to 50,000 miles they sell them and buy new ones it's cray cray.  The members are feeding us well every night we eat at someone's house but in between meals I get a little hungry probably from being used to snacking all day at work.  

We have only taught members so far. I gave my first actual blessing to a guy other than that I have only done annointings.  I saw fireflies for the first time a few days ago they are what's good.  Uhhhhh I ate black beans in salsa and raw mushrooms in a salad isn't that gross!!!  But I actually couldn't taste them so it was pretty good and I was starving so I enjoyed it.  There is this lady that looks exactally like the penguin guy on the old batman show she creeps me out a bit. And that's not exaggerating!  We have like 5 hours of service a week that's good because then I can get out of my church clothes, but I was sweating like 50 gallons per minute.

We have a nice lady do our laundry for us apperently this place, Hebron, it the best place in the whole mission it's a lot like home everyone in the ward are good friends .  Check out this car one of the members is a dirt racer and he builds his own cars I got a video of it running in the garage but I'll have to send it through something else but here is a picture .  It's hard to type consistently with an iPad I have a million type os.
I can't send that video yet I need to fix some email app thing on my iPad but I'll get it eventually.  So I'm still just chillin so how is school going the summer went by soooo fast it's gross.  I ate a sorano pepper but only about half of it we had jalepiño poppers it's a jalepiño pepper filled with cream cheese and wrapped in a piece of bacon.  I think dad would like them you should make some.   Rodgers is watching a video.  He likes duck dynasty a lot jack.  We are going to eat at Pavs for lunch it's like  that place in Richmond by tires I think. Has Toby grown more yet? How is my dirt bike doing?   How is LLP?  That's my list.  I really want to take a delivery right now.

  Okay we'll talk to ya later! Bye 

 The wifi at the library was slow so we came to the church


Mmmmm thank you for these, these are sooo good I'm happy they survived the plane ride

Sunday, August 17, 2014

last day at mtc

hi err body this is saturday and i leave monday morning at 4:30 am so i think i might just stay up all night idk ill do whatever my roommates do.  i dont know if you know but tell tiff thanks she gave me a box full of cookies and candy.  and thank you for the box also those stuffs was whats good in life.  especially the apple juice thats whats really good.  i forgot where im at with answering all the letter questions but .  we had our last class with the best teachers in this hood, mrs jones and mr wilde.  i showed them  the pic of my long herrr and they both loved it sa much.  tell sheylee thanks for the sticky note and for licking my paper i licked it too just kidding.  aint nobody got time for that.  elder shirts is one of my roommates and one guy but lately he like opened up or something but he has been really funny lately he remines me of tilio.  im in the laundry room right now we just got done drying our clothing they halve like infinity washers and dryers down here.  our p day is tuesday but idk if that will be the same in chicago.  i bought baught bawt perchaced some ice breaker duo"s the strawburry kind and they are soooo good you should go and buy some cause they are bae.  2k14.  its really weird to think that we leave in a little more than a day .  these computers dont have auto correct so i have a bunch of red lines everywhere. our district taught jon an investigator that gets paid to listen to missionaries, but is not a member of the church.  and we taught him 3 times and he wants to get baptised.  but he was already close to being baptised anyway but whatever ill take all the credit for that one.. jk..  okay see ya later next time i email might be in chicago!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

MTC Second Email

ya when i was typing my letter up your email popped up but they said i couldn't read it till the next day or something.  i couldn't find the camera but i found it eventually and i took some pictures with my district and companion zone and stuff ill try to send them sometime there is only a few computers that can send pictures.  i forgot about the part that said to pray about the setting apart blessing ill remember that.  i wrote you fellas a letter with a whole lot more stuff in it ill send it in a couple hours but today was pretty crazy we went to the temple to do an endowment session and my companion had a problem. but he is right next to me right now and i dont want him to read this so you will have to read the letter it has the story in more detail.
i saw clay 2 nights ago and he left yesterday morning so i just barely caught him in time.  ive seen about 6 friends from school here so far and probably more tomorrow cause all the new missionaries are getting dropped off.  this morning all the older missionaries in our appartments left to their missions.  one was a really funny big Tongan missionary and his whole closet pretty much was full of food and he couldnt take it all so he left us some.  

 i ate mashed up beans in a taco salad it was gross.  but yeah all my roommates are doing good except for my companion but whatever, he does okay most of the time.  i shined my shoes and it was really fun they look perdy.  i am eating boston baked beans the candy as i type and they are delish.  

its weird to think that my time at the mtc is half over and when we came the missionaries that just had left were half over

okay love you too!!!!! by

Friday, August 8, 2014

First Email - MTC

hi they tell me that this is supposed to be short but everything is really good my companion elder svare is cool for somepeople.  my other roommates are really cool elder young, and shirts.  we introduce ourselves a lot and everyone is soooo surprised that i have my own motorcycle.  its weird.  the mtc is pretty much AP camp but in buildings and more strict and no one actually knows what AP camp is,  all my roommates have never heard of it.   they say chewing gum in "inappropriate"  and they will get mad at us if we ever are chewing it except for at night time.   ive seen 4 of my friends except for clay so far today is the second day first full day and i am a district leader already.  me and my roommates stayed up till 12:30 chatting so im tired. the food is good.  my roommate is really weird he is a hardcore gamer and he is 90% sure that his girlfriend is "the one" and she is all he talks about.  i got the best 2 teachers in the whole place.  so far its pretty fun doing boring stuff.  the first night my roommates were really depressed and crying when they read some letters and it had only been like half a day.  i dont know why its super easy here.  ok dueces!!!!