Sunday, August 17, 2014

last day at mtc

hi err body this is saturday and i leave monday morning at 4:30 am so i think i might just stay up all night idk ill do whatever my roommates do.  i dont know if you know but tell tiff thanks she gave me a box full of cookies and candy.  and thank you for the box also those stuffs was whats good in life.  especially the apple juice thats whats really good.  i forgot where im at with answering all the letter questions but .  we had our last class with the best teachers in this hood, mrs jones and mr wilde.  i showed them  the pic of my long herrr and they both loved it sa much.  tell sheylee thanks for the sticky note and for licking my paper i licked it too just kidding.  aint nobody got time for that.  elder shirts is one of my roommates and one guy but lately he like opened up or something but he has been really funny lately he remines me of tilio.  im in the laundry room right now we just got done drying our clothing they halve like infinity washers and dryers down here.  our p day is tuesday but idk if that will be the same in chicago.  i bought baught bawt perchaced some ice breaker duo"s the strawburry kind and they are soooo good you should go and buy some cause they are bae.  2k14.  its really weird to think that we leave in a little more than a day .  these computers dont have auto correct so i have a bunch of red lines everywhere. our district taught jon an investigator that gets paid to listen to missionaries, but is not a member of the church.  and we taught him 3 times and he wants to get baptised.  but he was already close to being baptised anyway but whatever ill take all the credit for that one.. jk..  okay see ya later next time i email might be in chicago!!!!

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