Friday, August 8, 2014

First Email - MTC

hi they tell me that this is supposed to be short but everything is really good my companion elder svare is cool for somepeople.  my other roommates are really cool elder young, and shirts.  we introduce ourselves a lot and everyone is soooo surprised that i have my own motorcycle.  its weird.  the mtc is pretty much AP camp but in buildings and more strict and no one actually knows what AP camp is,  all my roommates have never heard of it.   they say chewing gum in "inappropriate"  and they will get mad at us if we ever are chewing it except for at night time.   ive seen 4 of my friends except for clay so far today is the second day first full day and i am a district leader already.  me and my roommates stayed up till 12:30 chatting so im tired. the food is good.  my roommate is really weird he is a hardcore gamer and he is 90% sure that his girlfriend is "the one" and she is all he talks about.  i got the best 2 teachers in the whole place.  so far its pretty fun doing boring stuff.  the first night my roommates were really depressed and crying when they read some letters and it had only been like half a day.  i dont know why its super easy here.  ok dueces!!!!

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