Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 19, 2015

Weekly spirits 
We have had 3 lessons with this guy named ed and he is really logical and smart and yesterday we tight him the plan of salvation and  after we invited him to be baptised acause these are the lords chips and he said yes with no hesitation all he has to do is find out for himself if the church is true  and then We are gonna dunk him haha.  It was really good he is pretty much perfect he agrees with everything we say its purdy coo. (haha lords chips was off of nacho libre haha I say stuff like that just for fun haha nochoooooooo!!ya tell sheylee and kash they might think es funny!) 
The weather out here is weird it was like -13 for a week and now it's 40 and all the snow melted  and it will probs. be on a cycle and just do that all winter, it's kindof cool though.  Today we are only having like half a pday  to email and shop and then we are working all week cause we are going to take most of our pday at the bulls stadium Saturday , I don't know what we are going to do over there but it sounds fun.  
Holy cow I got the letter you sent and tell gma and gpa thanks!!! That was really nice 

So yeah it was a good week this transfer has gone by fast! They all do I guess but this one was a extra week long and now there is only 2 weeks left then elder raymer will most likely go.  
 Me and elder warner found out exactly were he lives I'll send a pic he just lives north and east of Latienda almost to the canyon  ,   it's funny him, and elder miller i pretty much know exactly were they live haha and there is a sister who lives in hyrum or nibley I think Liz visited them too, but it's crazy I never thought I would meet so many local peeps!  And there are some pics from the MTC I found on my MTC comps FB.  And he says he is trying to go back out to New York !
I just got done doing flips and they are getting hard!

Ooo sweet granola sounds good sounds fun, I'm trying to eat healthy we have rice, chicken and onions and green peppers in a burrito for lunch a lot of the time , hebron was bad we had a lot of junk but we get good stuff at members homes and I think I've lost like maybe 5 pounds since I was 181 so now like 176 our scale broke so I use the other elders when we are at their place,  but we get leftovers from members too sometimes and that's good.  But I mean when I left I was 162 and awesome!! Haha

Here are a few pics of my appartment they say it's haunted but who knows, us missionaries are pretty boss when it comes to haunted ghosts ha jk lol 
Ok well we are doing exchanges tonight again
okay peice and balessings!! Love er body

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Letter Home

Hi family! We had a zone conference and all the departing missionaries including elder warner gave there testimonies and it was really good after that we were taught by our zone leaders and I learned a lot and it was pretty good and also I saw rodgers there and twas fun  that's cool you guys hung out with the egolfs!!!!! And kash seeing Jason at costa visa haha that's funny  

We shoveled a lot of driveways this week it only snowed about 7 inches over here but ya it's starting to get a wee bit nippy. I think the coldest was -3 for the high but today it's like20 so not too bad they say last year it got to -40!! That's cold that's 20 degrees colder than the caspers freezer haha We don't tract cause it's freezing and people never want to talk outside and it's super ineffective we only do it for like a last option .  We are teaching members every time we go to dinner and we have like 5 investigators we teach but a lot of the time they never answer their door.  And we do service projects , we help people move all the time. Push snow and stuff. Lots of times we stop by houses to see how they are doing and if they need anything.  

Ha okay well this one should send if not then imma throw this ipad outside
I got a sweet shirt from a family in Hebron haha it's pretty cool. 
No we don't get fed every night probably 3 times a week but we baught a bunch of groceries and we make burritos and pizza and stuff.  I'm actually going to dinner right now and then on exchanges after that with Warner 

talk to ya later!

 this is me after basketballing it up

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Letter Home

Why hello !  This week was pretty awesome and stupid.  We found a speed limit sign that was sitting on the side of the road ever since e rod first came here and that was 6 months ago so we took it and we are gonna put it up on the wall but it has a 13 ft pole stuck to it so we got to get that off first.  
Ooooooo and yesterday we were at a members house and they are awesome and gave me 300$ snakeskin boots for free!!!! The dad has some and wears them to church and people all the time comment on then cause they are sweet.  But I'm not supposed to wear them only at service or p day but on my last day here I'm gonna wear them to church with Scott and we are both gonna bless the sacrament ha.  And I got your package with all the boots, pants and food thank you I love getting those and I got the flashdrive too I haven't been to a computer yet though.  Yeah you should friend them I think out of the whole ward you are most like the mom.  The boots didn't fit them so they just gave them to me and gave rodgers some sheep skin Indian mockasin slippers. We pretty much never leave their house without them giving us stuff usually food.  So we gave there daughters rc cars.

Well we did some service and there was a huge branch that fell over but was still stuck to the tree 20 feet up so we got a old table and stood it on its end so it was standing straight up,  and rodgers held it and I climbed up with a saw and cut it down I wish we got a picture of that but we were the only ones there so it would have been hard to get a pic while holding a huge table with me standing in the very tip top of it.

Well elder rodgers is leaving tomarrow he is getting transferred to the city right in Chicago where the bean is and stuff.  So he has been saying bye to everyone he really wants to stay cause tomarrow is his year mark and December is his birthday and Christmas.  He wants to stay really bad I want him to stay too.  But what ever!! In the city he gets a missionary that came out with me and I get elder miller I've never met him but people say he is cool I think he has been out. For a little over a year.  Stupid was exaggerated ya just cause rodgers is leaving. But I will see him again before I go home for sure.  
There is a member in our ward who is leaving on his mission tomorrow and he is going to rodgers home mission, the Vancouver Washington mission and he lived in washougal which was just added to he mish.  That's pretty cool.  
 But it's weird cause rodgers had a whole bunch of stuff on the walls that he collected since he has been out and now it's all down and packed in his bags.  And now I am the one in charge of the area so we will see how that goes.   Now I decide who to visit and stuff cause elder miller has never been to Hebron before  so it's like rodgers with me even though miller is way more experienced. 

Weekly spirits 
We went to give a guy a blessing this morning in the hospital and i hunk I just got your email. But he stood up and started peeing in a cup while we were talking to him hahahah he is crazy though.  
I went on exchanges with elder sack warner who was friends with kiersten oakelbury and went to school at mountain crest and we had lessons and he was cool and yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about sacrafice and rodgers did sign language to i need the every hour and the bishop gave a talk too.  

Okay I'm gonna read whoever emailed me now :) ttyiam

Haha ya all we have is tangled to listen to. Haha silly mom yeah it's a little emotional but who cares we are going to hang out after the mish fo sho!!!! And he doesn't live too far away either.   But yeah he got your message and really liked it he thinks our family is the bomb digity. 

Yes we get fed almost every dinner but this month there is a little less.  And it is all really good except for I had chili and there was sooooo many beans!! And huge ones too.  And last night I had chili it didn't have as many beans and they were smaller but it was actually pretty good it was jalepiƱo popper chilli with chicken but those beans ;o
The house looks cool i like the wood stuff on the stairs and the laundry room is way different
I think we are supposed to get one foot of snow tomarrow.
Yes I can wear my carhart coat with my suit but not to mission meetings
Um I was gonna have you send my dress sweater in my closet and maybe some stamps for letters and I think something else but I can't remember 
Ya rodgers gets letters but his parents are used to him being out and he is already half way done with his mish

Well yep
Oooooop we done planked around the Church.


Letter Home

Yeah three months out the door!!! Haha yeah Liz will send lots of pics cause that's what she does cause she's a mom and moms take lots of pictures.   g pa's coat is shnazy and i just bought a nother coat not a trencher but a normal one ill send a pic and its warm, one of the big carhart ones.  and it was half off.  its getting cold here too every morning now theer is frost on the car windows but by the time we finish studies its all melted but we did get snow on halloween i have a pic it actually got a couple inches but the next day it melted and its fairly warm today.  
yeah liz gave us a little trick or treat bag.
ooooooohhhhhh nelly austin leaves in dos days!!  that was fast

psshh i dont care how long it takes but actyally can i add to the package?  i was thinking of having you send my cowboy boots cause they are warmer than my tennis shoes and when we push snow and do service for people they would be nice.  rodgers is going to buy some too.  but if that doesnt cause a ruckus that would be nice and if you could send some of my other jeans that will fit around boots better.  if not ill buy some i just thought cause the cheepest boots we found were like $150 pants would be cheaper though i bet.  
but anyway  let me get excited....  WOOP WOOP!!! josh and chris come home already?!!!it seams like josh just left and chris has been out for ever!  thats cool.  

 i didnt know skyler almost had his stuff stolen haha htats a buz kill.  i dont want to fix that word.  shane emailed me and said some nice things it was cool i quite enjoyed it.  
ooooo tobes haha what a rambunkshus water buffalo haha he really knows how to get the neihbors annoyed, and when i say neibhors i mean we dont have neihbors so ah yah.
so did sheylee ever get a simese cat?  i saw a pic i think from fb of her kitty thats funny i wish we could have pets or here.  not really nevermind.  but thats funny.  nemo sounds like meeko but cola doesnt really sound like a cat name.  how about numbskull.  or maynerd. 

oh and the day before halloween was my 1 year first surgery anniversery!!!!!!!  

Today we dropped off some cookies at someone's house cause every time we go to the church they put cookies and doughnuts on our car and they live next to the church so we done it to them.  we are going back to the decheske's cause idk why we were just over there last night.  We really don't know what we are doing today I guess it will just go with the flo what about yall

those are my 2 cents
we saw a guys truck that was shot
we carved punkins at the decheskes crib
and i found this peice of check from g-pas coat 
let me take a selfie
and another
the glasses look like something sheylee would wear

okay sorry i just got all of your emails i was pretty much gone all day we went with a member he is 14 and is always looking for fights so we hung out with him and drove rc cars and rodgers had him run around and rodgers would rope him haha.  and i would do flips off a park bench.  and im skinny again it feels good, i could never be a fatso.

we gave 7 blessings this week thats like one a day.  it was cool we were in the decheskes having a lesson and in the middle of the lesson i felt really good and my mind got like a little dizzy or something i cant describe it but it has only happened twice ever and it feels good, so i guess you can say things are getting pretty serious.  idk this week nothing really cool happened just a lot of little things i guess.  

oh NICE!! a flash drive sounds awesome!! i didnt think about that WOOP WOOP!!! im really excited to watch the vids you put on there.  i can send videos too maybe i should start doing that but i think i told you idk i can only send 60 seconds worth of vid in one vid.  gosh yeah dang yeah.
meet the momons was good i think you will like it.  i dont know if calli and kade will like it very much though haha. 
i guess we will ttynw! i read your emails just fourteen minutes after you sent it so you were probably just leaving to the theatre.  and by the time i send this you are probably in it and watching it already if you are going to lewiston.  its weird saying river hights now cause there is a place called chicago hights and i hear it all the time now.  anywhay that was just me typing my thoughts.  haha kash finally got the rail in!!! yeah 

okay love ya too ttynw!!
P.S.tell shane petersen thanks for the email and tell grandma thanks for the letter i just got them today.  ill try to write them back sometime okay bye!!
 i think there was something else i wanted you to send but i cant think about it so just forget about it okay.  well anyway rodgers got me saying jack all the time cause he is a real big duck dynasty fan jack.  goodnight solong and see ya next week jack!!

I night love ya see ya in the morning 
Ps.  Again it's weird not saying that anymore now it's just quiet and actually feels awkward.  aha
okay goodnight love ya see ya in the morning!!
and he says what was your thorn and rose instead of happys and sads haha its cray
ANYWAY goodnight for real this time!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 10

Hola sorry i didn't email till now we woke up to a phone call (weekly spirits) and went to give a blessing in a hospital cause the guy in the hospital is in our ward and it just so happens that he is a member of the seventy!!  And it just so happens that I gave him the blessing but it was really cool he told us some cool stuff.  He told us some stories about the preisthood and he said when I am giving the blessing and if I get stuck just press a little harder on my head so it will signal me cause we all three have the preisthood.  That's what he said I guess he would start praying or something but it was cool he had really strong faith. And then we went and put together a couple sheds for a lady and then drove rc cars for a bit then came here. 

Hahahahahaha happy birthday I'm glad you got a nail gun! That's a nice one haaha and picture of your hurr lol out loud!! WOOP WOOP!!! Austin that's cool.  Yeah I would like Austin's email that would be really fun!  Haha I'm excited to see all the pictures from the Halloween party.  Uh we were gonna dress up like you guys but we couldn't. I saw the pics of the laundry room it looks dank licouse I'm excited to see what the stairs are gonna look like too. 

Most likely I won't be transferred for like 5 months in the past every missionary has been here in Hebron for 7 1/2 months so I'll be here for a while and I'm new too.   

The pics
It got foggy in the morning one day.
We went to Chicago for a new missionary training meeting and on the way home I tried to shoot a couple shnazy pics but they didn't really workout.
I have a scary movie we made for Halloween I'll have to send it in sections tho cause it's longer than 60 seconds but it's sweet.  

Man looks fun!! Austin leaving and the stairs look most dope haha you won't like that.

Okay I'll send the movie real quick we have to go back to our appartment we are at the church right now but good night sleep tight and stuffs jack! I emailed skyler and he is doing good just the first while he didn't like but man things are changing already Brock has another track I guess, and the house is all perdy okay nightskees!!!  Love ya this big (____________________________) 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 9

October 20, 2014

oh man thank you for fixing my card prolem!!  i knew something was up since day one ha jk #killintheflow #2k14.
weekly spirits : we had 4 investigators come to church 2 sundays ago, yesterday we only had 1 but thats still really good.  and we gave a priesthood blessing everyday this week we had one a day.  we did a little more trackting and contacting than usual and it was pretty fun one lady was really happy that we stopped by she told a member in our ward about it and then the member called us and said how happy she was.  

people are so funny sometimes, we went to the grocery store and we were putting our stuff on the belt and a couple walks up behind us and the wife says " no they are mormons" and then they walk over to the next line haha.  what a bunch of Maynard's that happened   a couple times this week.  guess what there is a store called Maynard's!!.

we had a good workout this morning it felt really good i want to do it every morning cause i weighed myself and i have gained 10 lbs of fat i think i told you that already too but fo real.  peaple are starting to look at me funny haha jk polo.

i sent a letter to sheylee and dad this morning cause they both sent me one it was nice.  also uncle roy sent me a letter with 4 little glass bottles of cologne "to get rid of the missionary stink" So nice! it looks like he might have made them himself but idk they smell good.  

usually i write a little bit of this letter during my free time everyday but this week i didnt and nothing huge happend anyway but it was a really good week. and so this letter is a little short.  
 i like trackting its pretty fun im glad we dont do a whole lot of it though cause its not very effective but i enjoy it

 by the way i done got me some shades jack 

haha oh kade e poop!! thats nice hey i got a little somtin somtin for kade i need to get a little box and send it. Man i wish i could have studied with grandpa like austin that would be really helpfull.  thats cool he leaves soon.  oh yeah before i forget we have 3 out of 4 railroads for the mcdonalds monopoly game and if we get the last one then we win $5,000 at target haah.  
anyway i like coach T tell him hi sometime!

 ahh man for halloween we get to do nuttin we have to be in our apartment at 7 instead of 9:30 we cant dress up at all.  we will make it as fun as possible but we cant do anything.
yeah im tired of wearing suits especially the coat part of them.  i thought on pday we could be in normal clothes all day but we cant we still have to wear a shirt and tie.  i guess i am used to it but i don't really like it.  (i just got your email)

In case I forget I'll wish you happy birthday right now. Happy birthday.  I haven't heard from skyler in a few weeks maybe I'll message him.  I like that part of my calling to its good, thank you.  Hahaha a nail gun? Wood? Tool belt???  Doesn't dad already have al of those things? Haha but I know mom wants one all to her self ha that's funny okay. Bubwye!
we will talk to ya next week!!
I liked the video too gu night!! Fresh chillins I love ya too

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 8

October 13, 2014

Hahahahahaha kash says the funniest of all stuffs that come forth from his yapper!!
Yes the go pro cases are both waterproof but check the back part that opens.  in the box on my head board there are other back plates to it.  and if they have holes that you can stick your finger through than obviously its not waterproof but im pretty sure i just left waterproof ones on the case.  and the case that is doesn't have the gopro in it  has a scratch right in the middle of the lens so you might not want to use that one its still good it just makes the image blurry.  and you can use the lcd backpack thing, the screen that fits on the camera, too cause it makes it easier and its boss.  you can have my gopro i probably will want to buy a new one when i get home but if i don't than i get to use it when ever i want. haah.  

And I ate all my candies and saved the banana ones for last and there was one of your hairs in it!! 

I got a letter from you I think from a long time ago it had the recipes in it.  the envelope itself says august 24th ha, but yeah i guess it got lost in the mail or something.

have you gotten my letters yet?  i sent a couple.  and tell dad i have one for him but i haven't sent it yet but i wrote it like a week ago i just haven't gotten envelopes so it will be kindof out dated.

weekly spirits = i had my first baptism out here.He at first didn't want even his grandparents to be there but he gave in after a while.  he is pretty shy and pretty much just stays up stairs playing video games but he walks to Dairy Queen and other places sometimes. He is 17 he has a little bit of asburgers I think so he is a little extra special. .   but he is really funny.  and it was good there was just 6 missionaries, his parents and grandparents and the mission pres and his wife and thats it.  me and rodgers got to fill up the font and set it up.  when he got confirmed he didn't do it in sacrament meeting either cause he doesn't like lots of people.

yesterday we had 4 investigators come to church and one bore her testimony and she didnt know what she was doing it was good.  and we got the paralyzed lady in the wheelchair to church also.  twas good. 

 the mission got to watch meet the mormons a week before it came out,  it was really good everyone cried when we watched it and there was like 30 of us even elder rodgers cried!! i didn't even come close to crying but it was really good though you should watch it.  im not as fat as i was last week it feels so good to not be fat ha.  i rode my bike up a dirt pile it was fun.  and i dagum done sweet wheelies.  i was gonna challenge a dude on his dirt bike to a wheelie contest but we couldn't catch him haha.  
we got pumpkin cider witch is way better than apple you should gettcha some of that.  
we grilled hamburgers with our awesome little grill,  i got a helicopter.  we went to a house and they had rc cars!! but they weren't working so i couldn't drive them.  
we took pics on the railroad it was fun.  

In the other pic From left to right
Elder potter, James Flaherty, elder Richardson, Connie Flaherty , rodgers and me.

We are making bread today and it's pretty good stuff but not as good as yours of course. Yeah me and rodgers got a recipe from a member and we just made it in our appartment.

We went to the Dumas's for dinner and she loaded us up (Kelly Dumas) with a bunch of food and gave us each $10 even though missionaries aren't supposed to take money.  They are really nice Kelly remindes me of you a lot.  But yeah It was a good p day. 
Right meow we are gonna get ready for bed I mean a nerf dart war.  Wellskees I love my hood rats.  Synwbfh.  See you next week bros from home.  !!!
Ight piece and balessings