Sunday, November 16, 2014

Letter Home

Why hello !  This week was pretty awesome and stupid.  We found a speed limit sign that was sitting on the side of the road ever since e rod first came here and that was 6 months ago so we took it and we are gonna put it up on the wall but it has a 13 ft pole stuck to it so we got to get that off first.  
Ooooooo and yesterday we were at a members house and they are awesome and gave me 300$ snakeskin boots for free!!!! The dad has some and wears them to church and people all the time comment on then cause they are sweet.  But I'm not supposed to wear them only at service or p day but on my last day here I'm gonna wear them to church with Scott and we are both gonna bless the sacrament ha.  And I got your package with all the boots, pants and food thank you I love getting those and I got the flashdrive too I haven't been to a computer yet though.  Yeah you should friend them I think out of the whole ward you are most like the mom.  The boots didn't fit them so they just gave them to me and gave rodgers some sheep skin Indian mockasin slippers. We pretty much never leave their house without them giving us stuff usually food.  So we gave there daughters rc cars.

Well we did some service and there was a huge branch that fell over but was still stuck to the tree 20 feet up so we got a old table and stood it on its end so it was standing straight up,  and rodgers held it and I climbed up with a saw and cut it down I wish we got a picture of that but we were the only ones there so it would have been hard to get a pic while holding a huge table with me standing in the very tip top of it.

Well elder rodgers is leaving tomarrow he is getting transferred to the city right in Chicago where the bean is and stuff.  So he has been saying bye to everyone he really wants to stay cause tomarrow is his year mark and December is his birthday and Christmas.  He wants to stay really bad I want him to stay too.  But what ever!! In the city he gets a missionary that came out with me and I get elder miller I've never met him but people say he is cool I think he has been out. For a little over a year.  Stupid was exaggerated ya just cause rodgers is leaving. But I will see him again before I go home for sure.  
There is a member in our ward who is leaving on his mission tomorrow and he is going to rodgers home mission, the Vancouver Washington mission and he lived in washougal which was just added to he mish.  That's pretty cool.  
 But it's weird cause rodgers had a whole bunch of stuff on the walls that he collected since he has been out and now it's all down and packed in his bags.  And now I am the one in charge of the area so we will see how that goes.   Now I decide who to visit and stuff cause elder miller has never been to Hebron before  so it's like rodgers with me even though miller is way more experienced. 

Weekly spirits 
We went to give a guy a blessing this morning in the hospital and i hunk I just got your email. But he stood up and started peeing in a cup while we were talking to him hahahah he is crazy though.  
I went on exchanges with elder sack warner who was friends with kiersten oakelbury and went to school at mountain crest and we had lessons and he was cool and yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about sacrafice and rodgers did sign language to i need the every hour and the bishop gave a talk too.  

Okay I'm gonna read whoever emailed me now :) ttyiam

Haha ya all we have is tangled to listen to. Haha silly mom yeah it's a little emotional but who cares we are going to hang out after the mish fo sho!!!! And he doesn't live too far away either.   But yeah he got your message and really liked it he thinks our family is the bomb digity. 

Yes we get fed almost every dinner but this month there is a little less.  And it is all really good except for I had chili and there was sooooo many beans!! And huge ones too.  And last night I had chili it didn't have as many beans and they were smaller but it was actually pretty good it was jalepiño popper chilli with chicken but those beans ;o
The house looks cool i like the wood stuff on the stairs and the laundry room is way different
I think we are supposed to get one foot of snow tomarrow.
Yes I can wear my carhart coat with my suit but not to mission meetings
Um I was gonna have you send my dress sweater in my closet and maybe some stamps for letters and I think something else but I can't remember 
Ya rodgers gets letters but his parents are used to him being out and he is already half way done with his mish

Well yep
Oooooop we done planked around the Church.


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