Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 10

Hola sorry i didn't email till now we woke up to a phone call (weekly spirits) and went to give a blessing in a hospital cause the guy in the hospital is in our ward and it just so happens that he is a member of the seventy!!  And it just so happens that I gave him the blessing but it was really cool he told us some cool stuff.  He told us some stories about the preisthood and he said when I am giving the blessing and if I get stuck just press a little harder on my head so it will signal me cause we all three have the preisthood.  That's what he said I guess he would start praying or something but it was cool he had really strong faith. And then we went and put together a couple sheds for a lady and then drove rc cars for a bit then came here. 

Hahahahahaha happy birthday I'm glad you got a nail gun! That's a nice one haaha and picture of your hurr lol out loud!! WOOP WOOP!!! Austin that's cool.  Yeah I would like Austin's email that would be really fun!  Haha I'm excited to see all the pictures from the Halloween party.  Uh we were gonna dress up like you guys but we couldn't. I saw the pics of the laundry room it looks dank licouse I'm excited to see what the stairs are gonna look like too. 

Most likely I won't be transferred for like 5 months in the past every missionary has been here in Hebron for 7 1/2 months so I'll be here for a while and I'm new too.   

The pics
It got foggy in the morning one day.
We went to Chicago for a new missionary training meeting and on the way home I tried to shoot a couple shnazy pics but they didn't really workout.
I have a scary movie we made for Halloween I'll have to send it in sections tho cause it's longer than 60 seconds but it's sweet.  

Man looks fun!! Austin leaving and the stairs look most dope haha you won't like that.

Okay I'll send the movie real quick we have to go back to our appartment we are at the church right now but good night sleep tight and stuffs jack! I emailed skyler and he is doing good just the first while he didn't like but man things are changing already Brock has another track I guess, and the house is all perdy okay nightskees!!!  Love ya this big (____________________________) 

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