Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 7

I am doing great we went to a antique store that was hump gas hahaha auto correct “humongous” I got a really cool lighter. Yes I have gospel library.
that was funny i got the pics you sent! i like looking at pics from back home.  the pic you found on google earth is awesome.   try pushing that button that makes it look 3d like you are actually on the road, i think the little yellow person is the button im thinking of.  
i just wondered about my bike i miss it 600.  tell dad and kash they can ride it but keep it as good as it is and if they break it they buy it and fix it and don't sell it!!! haha.   

Astacia is a recent convert of about 6 months the dad Scott is super funny and races dirt cars they are really nice and we go over there all the time. I heard Stacy sent you a message on FB that's cool.  if there is a second home it would be over there cause they are boss.  We actually watched conference there. I got the conference package too thank you for that.  And my conference question got answered but I missed elder bednar and pres. monson's last talks Sunday apperently they were the best two. I'll see them sometime 

OM GOSH!! Burger King raised their cones to 68 cents!!! i think cause we are the only ones that go there 

We do service for a guy and we were fixing his backhoe and he had me take apart the hydrolic pump under it but  he started it up and I got hydrolic fluid on my whole arm and got sprayed by diesel shooting out of the exhaust. 
One night we were going to the church and it was dark and this guy was stuck in the driveway and we helped him and once he was done fixing his truck in the parking lot he came inside and was very thankfull and he had ear rings and tats and I gave him a card and he said that he wanted to come to church. 

We also skinned a dear.  Me and rodgers were driving down a road and saw this dear that got hit by a car and Rodgers wanted to take the antlers but a member took it to his house and called us up and we pretty much just watched him process it.  he gave us the antlers, rodgers is gonna make whistles out of his and i am gonna make a knife out of mine. they are small only like 6-8 inches long its gonna be sweet.  
We are on exchanges right now Saturday, and this time I stayed so I'm in charge for the day so it's a little different.  I got dad's letter tell him thanks for me I was laughing at his picture he drew haha it was funny. 
i think thats enough writing am i writing enough? haha 

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