Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 9

October 20, 2014

oh man thank you for fixing my card prolem!!  i knew something was up since day one ha jk #killintheflow #2k14.
weekly spirits : we had 4 investigators come to church 2 sundays ago, yesterday we only had 1 but thats still really good.  and we gave a priesthood blessing everyday this week we had one a day.  we did a little more trackting and contacting than usual and it was pretty fun one lady was really happy that we stopped by she told a member in our ward about it and then the member called us and said how happy she was.  

people are so funny sometimes, we went to the grocery store and we were putting our stuff on the belt and a couple walks up behind us and the wife says " no they are mormons" and then they walk over to the next line haha.  what a bunch of Maynard's that happened   a couple times this week.  guess what there is a store called Maynard's!!.

we had a good workout this morning it felt really good i want to do it every morning cause i weighed myself and i have gained 10 lbs of fat i think i told you that already too but fo real.  peaple are starting to look at me funny haha jk polo.

i sent a letter to sheylee and dad this morning cause they both sent me one it was nice.  also uncle roy sent me a letter with 4 little glass bottles of cologne "to get rid of the missionary stink" So nice! it looks like he might have made them himself but idk they smell good.  

usually i write a little bit of this letter during my free time everyday but this week i didnt and nothing huge happend anyway but it was a really good week. and so this letter is a little short.  
 i like trackting its pretty fun im glad we dont do a whole lot of it though cause its not very effective but i enjoy it

 by the way i done got me some shades jack 

haha oh kade e poop!! thats nice hey i got a little somtin somtin for kade i need to get a little box and send it. Man i wish i could have studied with grandpa like austin that would be really helpfull.  thats cool he leaves soon.  oh yeah before i forget we have 3 out of 4 railroads for the mcdonalds monopoly game and if we get the last one then we win $5,000 at target haah.  
anyway i like coach T tell him hi sometime!

 ahh man for halloween we get to do nuttin we have to be in our apartment at 7 instead of 9:30 we cant dress up at all.  we will make it as fun as possible but we cant do anything.
yeah im tired of wearing suits especially the coat part of them.  i thought on pday we could be in normal clothes all day but we cant we still have to wear a shirt and tie.  i guess i am used to it but i don't really like it.  (i just got your email)

In case I forget I'll wish you happy birthday right now. Happy birthday.  I haven't heard from skyler in a few weeks maybe I'll message him.  I like that part of my calling to its good, thank you.  Hahaha a nail gun? Wood? Tool belt???  Doesn't dad already have al of those things? Haha but I know mom wants one all to her self ha that's funny okay. Bubwye!
we will talk to ya next week!!
I liked the video too gu night!! Fresh chillins I love ya too

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