Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 19, 2015

Weekly spirits 
We have had 3 lessons with this guy named ed and he is really logical and smart and yesterday we tight him the plan of salvation and  after we invited him to be baptised acause these are the lords chips and he said yes with no hesitation all he has to do is find out for himself if the church is true  and then We are gonna dunk him haha.  It was really good he is pretty much perfect he agrees with everything we say its purdy coo. (haha lords chips was off of nacho libre haha I say stuff like that just for fun haha nochoooooooo!!ya tell sheylee and kash they might think es funny!) 
The weather out here is weird it was like -13 for a week and now it's 40 and all the snow melted  and it will probs. be on a cycle and just do that all winter, it's kindof cool though.  Today we are only having like half a pday  to email and shop and then we are working all week cause we are going to take most of our pday at the bulls stadium Saturday , I don't know what we are going to do over there but it sounds fun.  
Holy cow I got the letter you sent and tell gma and gpa thanks!!! That was really nice 

So yeah it was a good week this transfer has gone by fast! They all do I guess but this one was a extra week long and now there is only 2 weeks left then elder raymer will most likely go.  
 Me and elder warner found out exactly were he lives I'll send a pic he just lives north and east of Latienda almost to the canyon  ,   it's funny him, and elder miller i pretty much know exactly were they live haha and there is a sister who lives in hyrum or nibley I think Liz visited them too, but it's crazy I never thought I would meet so many local peeps!  And there are some pics from the MTC I found on my MTC comps FB.  And he says he is trying to go back out to New York !
I just got done doing flips and they are getting hard!

Ooo sweet granola sounds good sounds fun, I'm trying to eat healthy we have rice, chicken and onions and green peppers in a burrito for lunch a lot of the time , hebron was bad we had a lot of junk but we get good stuff at members homes and I think I've lost like maybe 5 pounds since I was 181 so now like 176 our scale broke so I use the other elders when we are at their place,  but we get leftovers from members too sometimes and that's good.  But I mean when I left I was 162 and awesome!! Haha

Here are a few pics of my appartment they say it's haunted but who knows, us missionaries are pretty boss when it comes to haunted ghosts ha jk lol 
Ok well we are doing exchanges tonight again
okay peice and balessings!! Love er body

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