Tuesday, August 12, 2014

MTC Second Email

ya when i was typing my letter up your email popped up but they said i couldn't read it till the next day or something.  i couldn't find the camera but i found it eventually and i took some pictures with my district and companion zone and stuff ill try to send them sometime there is only a few computers that can send pictures.  i forgot about the part that said to pray about the setting apart blessing ill remember that.  i wrote you fellas a letter with a whole lot more stuff in it ill send it in a couple hours but today was pretty crazy we went to the temple to do an endowment session and my companion had a problem. but he is right next to me right now and i dont want him to read this so you will have to read the letter it has the story in more detail.
i saw clay 2 nights ago and he left yesterday morning so i just barely caught him in time.  ive seen about 6 friends from school here so far and probably more tomorrow cause all the new missionaries are getting dropped off.  this morning all the older missionaries in our appartments left to their missions.  one was a really funny big Tongan missionary and his whole closet pretty much was full of food and he couldnt take it all so he left us some.  

 i ate mashed up beans in a taco salad it was gross.  but yeah all my roommates are doing good except for my companion but whatever, he does okay most of the time.  i shined my shoes and it was really fun they look perdy.  i am eating boston baked beans the candy as i type and they are delish.  

its weird to think that my time at the mtc is half over and when we came the missionaries that just had left were half over

okay love you too!!!!! by

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