Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 3

Happy birthday Calli buns ber nanner funs!!!  I bet you are going to enjoy that concert That would be fun up the buns. 

today this morning i was sitting down eating that delicious nanner bread you sent me it was so good i love getting food in the mail, anyway i was sitting down and my companion is really good at voice mimicking and he gets board in the bathroom so he starts to talk to himself and have conversations with himself and its really funny.  We also made some speakers for the iPads with cups and a paint roller and it actually works.  

i bought a bluetooth keyboard and I'm using it right now it makes it so much easier to type instead of using just the ipad.  i made chicken pot pie!!! it tasted a little different cause we had potatoes and mini onions cause we just buy'ed a bag full of carrots, onions, potatoes, peas, and stuffs. and we actually made it for a family.  elder rodgers always cooks fried chicken for families when we go over so this time i made chicken pot pie.  but it was dank licouse.  i could eat it all day er day.  

we actually are not going to run the paralyzed lady in the race its her moms 100th birthday.  so she wont be there.  We aren't even going to run anymore it's $35 so we are going to run a water booth thing.  That's cool kash got an eagle if it was on the 4th hole that would be even cooler cause that's the hole I got my first eagle on.  And yes the nanner bread was fresh as fabreeze.  And it's actually 16 maxwell st.  And they spell their name like Flaherty.  But It's all good in the hood.  As far as spiritual experiences go Friday night we gave a blessing to a lady and Rodgers said in the blessing "your daughter will come to you..." Cause her daughter has started to drink and stuff and then that same night at 2:30 AM she came running to her parents crying cause she needed something or something like that i don't know.  But we have had a lot of good lessons everyday there is about 3 or 4 good lessons.  Sometimes more and sometimes less. Friday we got a hitch installed on our car and we have a bike rack on the way cause we are getting bikes for $35 and apparently they are pretty nice ones too but we can't see them unless we buy them.  But I don't care that's really cheep and we will get those probably next week.  

Yesterday night at like 8:00 was really stormy it's cool here cause they get a bunch of tornados each year this summer they had 8 of them and last night we almost had one.  And it's cool cause before a twister starts the sky turns green it's weird but cool.  It's like as green as the grass almost. 

 Tell kash our bench press can have 2 35s on each side but i think we lost one so we can only have 1 on each side but i done care thats still enough to get swole.  ha flood the block there is a lady called sis.  block and i always think of flood the block.  i miss the bass nectar.  man  im excited for skyler i just emailed him back he emailed me last week i hope he gets it i couldnt email that much i was gone all day.  

omg the banana brerad was sooooo good it tasted fresh.  i still haven't got my bag but i will hopefully friday cause we are going to chicago on friday to sing in a queir im mean quior hahaha.  i am writting letters to yall but i need to finish them and send them.  i also am sending erbody a little somthin somethin ive only got sheylees so far but im still looking 

oh yeah and we were at a big popcorn festival cause apparently Orval redimbacker started popcorn here.  but we ran into a baptist preacher   and we were talking to him he was soooo annoying he wouldn't let us say hardly anything.  but what evs.  i have a tech tip for austin, when you are talking to a preacher of a diff church just be nice and dont bible bash cause that never works its just gets them mad and they start yelling, so be nice and agree to disagree pretty much thats what we did and it ended up fine.  tech tip of the week

hey dad ya it has been really hot somedays and i hate the humidity but the last couple of days it has been cool with no humidity and its been pretty nice.  we have only taught members pretty much we taught a couple investigators but they are really close to being baptised cause the rest of their family has been.  there is a kid over hear that really likes byu.  tell adrian and neva ann geddes thanks thats nice.

Thanks mom that's really nice but if I see a tornader I am videoing that sucker!! Haha right now we are at a family's house we always go to and they are talking about zombies and the walking dead and I'm just like.... I'll email ha I've never seen those before so what evs.  I need to get the pics off of my camera I'll do that sometime

i cant remember if i told you this but i made chicken pot pie for connie the mission mom and it was de lish we also made our own speeckers for our ipads and it actually works!!! okay well today im gonna try to email more  and more throughout the day. okay bu by

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