Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 2

Hahahahaha that is so funny that sheylee got a Siamese cat they are so ugly haha.   Dang kash is really missing out on the wisdom teeth study that was some good times.  That bathroom is looking way better than it did before, you and that miter saw do work.  Kody really wanted me and kash to go to prater with him how long was the hike. It doesn't sound that fun.  Is the rental all done? That sounds fun, everyone asks about sheylee and if she went on a mission ?!!!!?? Almost everyone I meet asks that it's funny.  That's cool Austin is going to Mississippi my friend Colton Clark just left 2 days ago to the mtc he's the one that was going to lansing michigan it's only like 1 hour away from me.  Ya there is this one guy brother smoot he is 6'8", black and probably almost 300 lbs and he wares a lava lava and flip flops and paints his toenails blue and has ruby toe rings.  He is pretty funny.  Then I think I told you about that batman penguin lady she creeps me out.  We don't have a whole lot planned for today right now Rodgers is getting a hair cut and we are at super cuts.  We are having a cook out at the ward mission leaders house tonight that will be fun.
It's not bad being with a companion all the time probably cause me and kash were always hanging out.  Ohhhhhh yeah banana bread sounds super deliciousness.  Ya Connie said it's okay she lives like 35 feet away from us I guess that's pretty much her calling as a mission mom anyway is to do stuff like that.  Thanks for my blanket and new pillow it's awesome I slept good last night.  Rodgers is into this really stupid card game called magic it's like Pokemon and yougioh and he has a card that is worth 200 dollars and some other expensive ones but it's still stupid.  We ran a couple 5k's and this Saturday there is a 5 mile run that we are going to do with a paralyzed lady In a wheelchair.  Rodgers also just got his patriarchal blessing yesterday he has been getting teased all week since he hasn't had one. 
I left my journal in the car so I can't think of what to write but with these iPads we can email all day anytime as long as we have wifi so that's good.  
Something that I never thought about was that Indiana gets tornadoes. I really want to see one I think that would be so cool as long as it's a ways away but it would be sweet.  There was a cool circus that was right next to our apartment idk if I told you this already but it was 15 Dallahs. So we didn't go I didn't even get u picture they were only there for one day then left.  Everyone thinks it's so pretty over here cause of how green it is but it's not even that green and it's boring just trees everywhere cache valley is way better.  I got gummy bears and found a swastica bear!!! Haha okay well tah tah for now.   

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